Wayne Rooney and I

In a recent interview, Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United manager responded to reports that he had fallen out with Wayne Rooney and was going to get rid of him with the statement ‘There is no issue with Wayne and I’.

Rooney & Ferguson pictured not having an issue

Rooney & Ferguson pictured not having an issue

At the risk of teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, I’m sure most of you will spot the problem here. The trick I was taught at school was that when you are trying to decide whether it’s ‘Wayne and I’ or ‘My friend and me’ or whatever, is to remove the other person and see what you are left with. Obviously, ‘There is no issue with I’ isn’t right, so it should have been ‘There is no issue with Wayne and me.’ If he had said ‘Wayne and I have no issues’ (‘I have no issues’) that would have been right.

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3 Responses to Wayne Rooney and I

  1. chloefb says:

    People tell me off for using “me” even when it’s correct. It seems to have got out that “I” is always the right word. I then explain politely why it’s wrong – using the rule you mention -and somehow I end up looking like the pedant even though they were the one to correct me!

    • Sadly, we probably are the pedants! People tend to use “I” wrongly when they are trying to hard to sound as if they are speaking “correctly” – in much the same way that they say in interviews things like “The investigation was handled by myself last week…” because they think “me” sounds either not posh enough or too boastful or something.

      • chloefb says:

        I did a blog post on the use of “myself” once – it’s my biggest grammatical annoyance! I get irrationally annoyed about it!

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