The Secret to Writing

I keep dipping into a nostalgia book I got for Christmas about the 50s and 60s, and I just came across this in the section on people’s memories of their first day at school:

Our first teacher assured us that there was nothing to this reading and writing lark – it was as easy as knitting. Well, I was completely panicked, because I couldn’t knit. So when I got home that afternoon I insisted my mother teach me how to knit quickly, because this was going to be the key to literacy.

Now we know where we’re going wrong, folks!

(I remember my first day at school too. I was determined not to cry, and was successful in that despite the inner turmoil and a slight wobble to the bottom lip. They sat me opposite two older girls and plonked a few little wooden animals in front of me. The girls commanded me to ‘Play!’ Estella Havisham-style, but I merely folded my arms across my chest and scowled. I might not have a choice about being there, but I wasn’t going to be pushed around by two girls.)

Ingoldmells age 2 yrs 9 mnths

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