Diary of a Writer’s Retreat: Wednesday

I heard on the local news that a combination of the highest tide of the year, strong winds and a sea-swell had led to flood warnings all along the south-west coast this morning. When I went to get my paper I decided to take a detour down my favourite (on account of its name) thoroughfare in Polruan

But when I got to the bottom of the steps leading onto the quay I discovered my path was blocked by water washing up from a little beach – not very deep, but deep enough to cover my feet if I’d braved it

I’ve been coming here a few years and when I reached the quay by another route the tide was the highest I’d ever seen it, with water covering half the car park. Polruan is on a steep hill and most of the houses are probably too high up to experience flooding, but I’ve heard that there is thigh-deep water across in Fowey’s main street. The boats in the next picture would easily have been washed up onto the quay if they hadn’t been well secured. The ferry, which normally docks at some steps that can’t be seen because they’re under water, had to stop at the side of the quay and embarkation and disembarkation looked a rather tricky process.

And so to work. I had one of those bitty days when I never felt I got into my writing. It’s hard to force fiction writing at times like that even though you know you should stick at it. But stick at it I did and I was pleasantly surprised to find by the end of the morning that I had got just over 2,000 words under my belt again.

There was a nice rainbow to distract me at one point

And the other distraction has been a troupe of professional noise makers, who have been performing in the lane all week (I think it’s an old Cornish tradition. Or they could be digging up the road to replace the drains) and gradually getting closer. Today they honoured me with a personal performance. They’ve probably heard a great writer’s in town and it’s their way of marking the occasion.


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1 Response to Diary of a Writer’s Retreat: Wednesday

  1. chloefb says:

    Love the road name!

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