Diary of a Writer’s Retreat:Tuesday

Another quite productive day. I’m not exactly flying as I have done on some previous occasions here, but I’m still quite pleased with my progress. I’ve reached a part in the book which is set at the time when the Great Fire of London broke out and I kept getting sidetracked into researching that to help with my descriptions. There’s an online version of Samuel Pepys’ diary which is fascinating anyway but was particularly useful for the Fire. I got 2,500 words done in the morning, then my brain seized up at 11am and I went for my walk. This time I took a slightly different route and got a view of the wonderfully named Readymoney Cove, which features in Daphne Du Maurier’s writings.

followed by a trip to Fowey, where I took a snap on my phone while waiting for the ferry to come for the return journey


in the afternoon continued to work on my freelance critique. My goal was to simply finish reading the MS but I actually went on to start the report, so I was pleased with that.

My only grouse is still the fact that there’s nowhere comfortable to work that also allows a view over the river. The best room for that is my bedroom, but I’m confined to a cramped space between the bed and the window, and occasionally take to sitting on the bed itself just for a change of posture.

Oh, and I also forgot to bring washing up liquid. And the cable for my mp3 player. And a packet of instant mash.

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