Diary of a Writer’s Retreat (or a Polruan Pilgrimage). Saturday.

I try to get to my favourite place in the world (Polruan in Cornwall) at least once a year to hide away and concentrate on a making big progress on a current writing project. That’s my excuse, anyway. I’d probably find another reason to come here – but I genuinely do work hard and I really do get appreciably more done than when I’m at home.

So yesterday I set off when it was still dark on the 300 mile trip with enough food stashed in the boot to last me the week and my trusty laptop. Along the way I made a slight detour to meet my blogging – and now real life – friend Chloe (http://madebythepotter.blogspot.co.uk/) who lives with her husband in a really beautiful part of Devon. I was refuelled with my favourite Earl Grey tea and shown her writing room with its envy-inspiring views. During our chat we had mentioned a book we both liked by Daphne Du Maurier: The House on the Strand. Part of my ritual when going to Polruan is to call in at a tiny place called Polkerris for a quick half at the lovely Rashleigh Inn. On the way there driving along the narrow country lanes I spotted a sign that I just had to stop and photograph

Not only that, but the Boddinick Ferry that took me across the Fowey River lands right next to Ferryside, the house where Daphne Du Maurier used to live.

So I arrived safely, and moved in to Bosun’s Cottage happy but tired. All my provisions are ready

(healthy eating goes out the window just for a week)

And chose the spot where I’m going to be working

I probably won’t do any actual work till Monday, but I’m ready to roll!


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3 Responses to Diary of a Writer’s Retreat (or a Polruan Pilgrimage). Saturday.

  1. chloefb says:

    I now have a craving for tinned spaghetti! I sometimes buy alphabetti spaghetti or princess shapes spaghetti. Growing up is something I see as an optional extra to consider at some point in the future.

    Glad you like the view. I like the harbour view too. Something calming about a view of water.

    • ramblesofawriter says:

      Princess shape spaghetti??!! Sounds too girly for me – I’ve got my image to consider. Alphabetti spaghetti seems like the sort of thing a writer should eat with every meal.

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