I’ve just finished this unusual and interesting novel and I strongly recommend it. I love any well written story that involves time travel, timeslips and so on, and this is a variation on that theme because, without giving too much away, the eponymous Ferney is a man who can remember his past lives. It’s likened on the cover to The Time Traveller’s Wife but although that was a big seller it seem, judging from its reviews, to be like Marmite and personally I couldn’t even finish it. Like the reviewer quoted on the cover I thought that this was much better and much better written.

It’s not all good. There were some areas that didn’t quite add up for me – but I would give too much away by going into detail – and I was disappointed by the ending. But it was one of those rare books that you remember after you’ve finished reading it. The author also provides his main character with some fascinating and very convincing insights into life from the perspective of one who has witnessed English life since Anglo-Saxon times and before, and his debates with another character who is a professional historian are thought-provoking and utterly believable.

I can’t remember how I originally heard about it but it was the reviews on Amazon that convinced me to buy it, and I’m certainly glad I did.


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