Dickens’ Character Names

I’ve mentioned my Victorian detective novel Murder in Montague Place previously, which should be out in December

Look into my eyes…buy…buy…buy

and because the detective in it is Inspector Bucket from Bleak House, when I was writing it I was determined to try to come up with some Dickensian-sounding names for my characters. Among my humble offerings were Constable Lush, Mr Squibby, Edward Mizzentoft and Eleanora Scambles. However, I was just flipping through a book about Dickens which featured some of the names found in Dickens’ notes for possible use, for example: Queedy, Guff, Tertius Jobber, Wodder, Grimmer, Bandy-Nandy, Snigsworth and Silas Blodget.

I bow to the master!

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4 Responses to Dickens’ Character Names

  1. chloefb says:

    Charles Dickens is amazing – Mr. Wackford Squeers being my favourite. But I have to say that Eleanora Scrambles is right up there! Love it.

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