It Speaks for itself…

Letter to the RSPCA, 9 August 2012

Dear Sir or Madam,

 A few minutes ago I was walking my dog when I came across an extremely mangy fox – very emaciated and with no visible fur on its body – wandering in the middle of the road. As I approached, it went down the garden path of the nearest house. Knowing that it may well be very distressed but have a treatable condition, I noted the house number and attempted to contact the RSPCA. I have done this in the past and it was a quick, straightforward and effective procedure. But times have changed!

When I rang your number I was taken through numerous ridiculously pedantic options only to find that if the animal wasn’t in sight the RSPCA wasn’t interested. Since the animal would probably be quite easy to locate I thought this was unnecessarily restrictive. Add to this the time it took just to work my way through your menus, I decided to complain, so I went to your website.

I discovered that to make any sort of comment I had to create an account. Why?!

Anyway, I reluctantly signed up with you just so that I could make a short comment, and after working my way through your home page I found in the small print at the bottom a “contact us” link. The closest option I could find there was to make an enquiry under “My RSPCA”. I followed that link, but instead of finding an option to send you my comments I reached a page which encouraged me to “Sign up to My RSPCA”. I assumed I had already done this, but since there were no options for making a comment on this page the next best thing I could see was “Enquiries”. This page then asked me to ‘Create an enquiry” so I still wasn’t there yet. I clicked on that and reached yet another level asking to place my message in a category, and then a further page which wanted my personal contact details.

I didn’t particularly want to provide you with my address and home phone number and didn’t see why I should, and by this time, having completely lost patience with the whole process I decided to write to you in the old fashioned way just to get it off my chest.

I am an animal lover and in years gone by I have seen distressed animals, rung a number, spoken to a human being and someone has come out to see if they could help. I have to tell you that in future I am extremely unlikely to bother making a report unless I have plenty of time on my hands and the animal in question is lying at my feet – by which time for most wild animals it will probably already too late anyway.

 Yours sincerely,

 Martyn Beardsley


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