Barefoot Running with Shoes On

Barefoot running shoes is blatant contradiction in terms, I hear you cry, but I’ve just got some so you’ll just have to humour me.

My Terra Plana Vivo Barefoot Neo shoes arrived recently, and this morning I gave them a try out when I was walking the dog on the park. I had a little run about – much to the consternation of said animal, who felt obliged to leave his sniffing duties in order to keep up with me.

It was only a few steps though because I soon felt my dodgy calf complain and I didn’t want it to go completely – but they felt good. Nice and wide around the toes so that they feel almost as free as if I actually was barefoot, and soles thin enough to provide good feedback with the ground. They’ll be ideal for jogging on mixed surfaces when genuine barefoot might be too painful.

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3 Responses to Barefoot Running with Shoes On

  1. chloefb says:

    They look a little bit too trendy! I used to work in a specialist running shop and never got why, when all the trainers had equal protection, people would choose the trainers that felt softest. I always chose the most responsive ones. Not as responsive as these though!

  2. Yes, not sure they’re quite ‘me’ – I went purely on price!

  3. I have just bought the vivo neo trails, very nice. Believe it or not the Vivo Evos feel even more responsive. Hope you enjoy them, they are so much fun to run in.

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