The Craziest Day

Tuesday was the weirdest and most ridiculous day of my writing career to date – in a nice way.

One of my faults is that I have a butterfly mind and tend to keep switching from project to project depending on where my enthusiasm takes me. The downside is a lack of focus on seeing one thing through to the end, and a trail of unfinished projects. The upside can be, if you’re lucky, that several things strung out over a long period can all bear fruit at once.

I’ve written a quirky whodunnit-type novel for the 12+ age group, approached a couple of agents had had one rejection and one non-reply. I decided to e-mail a few more agents on Tuesday morning. By lunchtime I’d had a reply from one saying they were ‘very taken’ with it and wanted the whole MS – but they knew I’d sent it out elsewhere and asked to be able to see it exclusively. I was naturally delighted to get such a quick and positive response and couldn’t really say ‘no’, so off it went. About an hour later another agent also replied and wanted to see it – and I was in the unusual position of having to turn them down!

By lunchtime I got an e-mail for a project I’ve been wearily trying to get a publisher interested in for a year or more – a biography of an Admiral who was a contemporary of Nelson. I had just about run out of options with this one when someone I had contacted in the past said they wanted to take it on, subject to an opinion from an adviser they were going to contact (Non-fiction publishers can’t be experts on everything that crosses their desks, so it’s not uncommon for them to get an expert opinion on an idea.)

By late afternoon I was extremely surprised to hear from a writing organisation whose books I’m on. It specialises in providing concepts for novels and detailed outlines and getting writers to pitch for it. Around two years ago I had been lucky enough to be chosen to write sample chapters of a children’s novel; they were happy with it and began to approach publishers, but didn’t get any takers and I had more or less given up on it. However, now it is to be published and I’m commissioned to write two or three books for the series!

If only I’d entered the lottery this week….


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2 Responses to The Craziest Day

  1. Chloe says:

    That’s amazing! How exciting! That’s your fair share of good news for at least two years, right? All thoroughly deserved I’m sure. Congratulations on all accounts!

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