I have been unfaithful

I’m not the first person to be beguiled by such shallow matters as outer form and appearance, but still, I never thought it would happen to me. It was a very brief affair and doesn’t mean anything to me now, but that’s no defence, I know.

After years of belonging to the ‘style over substance’ brigade, I strayed for a moment from the warm comforts of Microsoft into the seductive arms of Apple. I fought against it. The man at PC World tried the hard sell on me and if there’s anything guaranteed to put me off something or someone it’s the hard sell. I didn’t buy an iMac from him, but because I couldn’t find just the right Microsoft PC for just the right price, I did start to give it some thought at a later date – and finally succumbed.

However, I soon saw through the shiny exterior and realised my mistake. The shape and form of the iMac is more appealing than my PC, but the interface is really just as if someone has said we need a machine that does pretty much the same things that a Microsoft one does but we need to at least make it look different. I quickly realised that I had a machine that did the same things as ever, but that I just needed to spend time re-learning how to compute! And there would be drawbacks, such as needing to fork out for an expensive Word for Mac program etc.

Luckily for me, the flipping thing broke down almost as soon as it was out of the box so I had a cast iron reason for returning it. Okay, it was a refurbished model, but still, I’m now well armed when it comes to all that Apple has a superior build-quality superior to Microsoft stuff!

I’m sure if I’d given it more time I would have got used to it – but I doubt very much whether I would have preferred it to Microsoft in the long run. And I’ve got Windows 8 to look forward to!


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