I’ll be going through my cards today – but not Christmas cards! I’m about to embark on a new children’s novel and I thought I would employ a method I read about a year or so ago in one of the writing magazines (either Writers’ Forum or Writing Magazine – both very good). It was an article by one of the writers of Back to the Future and he explained how he wrote all his plot ideas down on index cards – just the basic idea on the front, then an expanded version on the back. Eventually as the ideas come to you, you accumulate enough for the whole script/book and then you spread them out and start to put them into some sort of order.

It’s not exactly a new concept and I was already aware of it, but I’d dismissed it as outdated now that we all have computers. However, I got stuck with a previous project I was working on and it struck me that using cards was the best way to organise and sift my ideas on how to get it going again, and to work out the direction I needed to go. And it worked!

I think it works best for heavily plotted ideas with lots of twists and turns, such as a thriller or whodunit, but it would have its uses for any type of longer fiction.

A merry Christmas to everyone in blogging land!


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2 Responses to Cards

  1. ficfaq says:

    Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov, the author of Lolita, used index cards for his writing. He wrote the scenes non-sequentially so that he could re-arrange the cards as he wished. not a bad idea that. And Lolita is not a thriller.

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