I came across this recently and downloaded a trial version. It’s hard to describe what it is, but it’s a kind of deluxe software package aimed at authors! It has all sorts of bells and whistles – places to make notes, separate places for your characters, title page templates etc etc.

I think it’s brilliant – but it’s got so many functions I would need to spend hours fiddling with it or go on a course to learn how to use it! I just haven’t got the time or patience, which is a shame because it looks really good.

I’m reasonably happy with my usual method anyway, which works for me. When I start a new project I create one main folder in Word, and within it sub-folders (or even just loose Word docs) for the text, character biographies, general notes, random scenes which pop into my head and so on. I usually have a Timeline doc so I can keep track of the passing of time in the story, although I suppose I could use some sort of online calendar. I may or may not create a synopsis to work from, and/or compile a list with notes of what’s in the chapters I’ve written so far to make it easier to keep track of important developments and where they came. The trouble with these last two ideas is that I always stray so far from the synopsis that it becomes useless; and I always forget to keep updating the list of chapters so far, and it eventually becomes too much hard work to go back and get it into shape, so it gets left half-done!



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