This one I did enjoy!

I became so disillusioned with The Time Traveler’s Wife (even the American spelling in the title annoys me – i it had been a British book published in America I wonder if it would have kept its British spellings?) that I began sneakily reading this book in between Time Traveller chapters – until it took over completely. I’m in a bit of an Old West phase at the moment, having read and thoroughly enjoyed a biography of Wyatt Earp a few months back. Like most other people I only knew about Butch Cassidy from the great film Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. I had heard of rumours that Butch & Sundance weren’t killed in the way depicted at the end of that film, and this book pretty much proves that at least Cassidy lived on into the twentieth century under an assumed name. There was a big shoot out in South America and one of Cassidy’s pals Kid Curry was killed but Butch got away. Nobody seems to know what happened to the Sundance Kid but I’m guessing he did the same as Butch and performed a successful vanishing act. The film obviously took liberties with the “true” story, but it was nice to see that the scene where there is an employee who locks himself in a train they are trying to rob and has to be persuaded to come out before he gets blown up (on two occasions!) really happened. And Butch really did do trick riding on a bicycle!


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