It’s Here!

My new international blockbusting best seller about England’s last fatal duel!

It’s been a long slog. I first got the idea for the book way back in around 2000 when I came across a snippet in a newspaper – a descendant of one of the duellists was asking if anyone had any information on the event. The research took a long time, then numerous publishers turned it down  (if they bothered to reply at all – but that’s a subject for another post…) until I came across a small, quite new company called Bookline & Thinker who liked it. As with my previous historical non-fiction book (Deadly Winter) I spent so long delving into the lives of the characters that it was very like when I traced my family tree, and I almost feel as close to some of the people in the book as I do my own ancestors! I particularly feel for the man who survived the duel. [Spoiler Alert!!] The duel itself half-wrecked his military career. Then not long afterwards he had a quite understandable altercation with a fellow officer who was having a brazen affair with his wife, and that finished his career and marriage off. He was left alone and broke, and to cap it all contracted TB and died in a lodging house at the age of 38.

You can read some extracts from the book on a website I’ve created to publicise it:

And now here’s a short, very innocent and harmless message from Denzil the Hypnotic Dog. You MUST stare intently at it:

Look into my eyes………relax….you are feeling sleepy and warm……keep looking into my eyes……you feel an overwhelming urge to buy numerous copies of Martyn Beardsley’s brilliant new book… will leave the house with a wheelbarrow and all credit and debit cards in your possession…you will find yourself visiting all leading bookshops in your area and filling your wheelbarrow with “A Matter of Honour”……………………………….Done it? Excellent! 3-2-1…….you’re back in the room!



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