Robert Kennedy

Quite by chance, I’ve recently seen two similar documentaries about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, who was shot in 1968 – five years after his brother’s death and two months after the shooting of Martin Luther King.

It amazes me that an open country with a free press like America still, after all these years, cannot admit to itself that there was more to all three murders than appeared in the official accounts. All three very efficient and well planned hits were supposed to have been carried out by lone nutcases. In Kennedy’s case, he was shot by a man with a gun which held eight bullets. The autopsy showed that the fatal shots were from just an inch or two, but the man who was leading Kennedy through the room – actually holding his arm – has said that the shooter never got anywhere closer than one or two feet. Audio evidence indicates more than eight shots – as many as thirteen. The trajectory of some of the bullets indicate that they could not have been fired by the arrested man. Visual evidence shows two bullet holes in a door which aren’t accounted for in the official account. A detective has stated that he saw bullets lodged inside the holes. The whole door was taken away by the police and destroyed a few weeks later. Several witnesses saw a guard standing next to Kennedy draw his gun and start shooting during the confusion.

In all three cases it’s obvious to me that one or more shady organisations acted as agent provocateurs, facilitating attempted assassinations by deranged amateurs in order to allow their own more professional men to make the kill during the confusion, and to provide obvious scapegoats in order to allow the real killer to go free.

You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to question not just the dubious official version of this and the other killings, but also highly questionable coincidence of three lone nutters bumping off America’s leading public figures in such a short timespan without one of them coming even close to making a mess of it, and either being intercepted or botching the assassination.


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