Recently read Sister by Rosamund Lupton. I mainly chose it because she was likened to Daphne Du Maurier, one of my literary heroines, on the cover! And there were similarities in writing style. However I found it very hard to get into this book. It’s almost a mystery/crime novel, but not quite. The fact that it’s hard to categorise isn’t a crime, especially as the writing is so good. But it’s very slow to get off the ground and the way it is told is complex, sometimes in the past tense sometimes in the present, and I found it confusing at times. There is also a twist which I felt slightly cheated by. I almost gave up on more than one occasion – but it did pick up in the second half and I found myself enjoying it and looking forward to picking it up again each time, so I’ll definitely be at least sussing out her next novel.


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