A nice cup of tea

Just finished A Cup of Tea by Amy Ephron. I really enjoyed it and would strongly recommend it. It’s set in New York in 1917 and the enigmatic characters and atmospheric, understated writing really draws you in.

My only minor reservation is her wandering POV. The viewpoint of the story hops about from character to character randomly. I’m sure she did it deliberately and had her reasons, but for me it would have been even better sticking to a consistent POV because it would allow the reader to get to know at least one of the characters better. I didn’t really feel as though I “knew” any of the characters and wasn’t even sure if I liked them.

In most books that would be a nmajor gripe, but actually the writing is so good that it barely matters, and it’s one of those books you think about after you’ve finished reading it – always a good sign. And the cover’s great!


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