Misty Morning

Misty Morning

Dog walking in the early morning is good thinking time for me as a writer. If I’m in the middle of writing something (which sadly I’m not at present, just slogging through the umpteenth revision of something) I often come up with a snatch of dialogue, or even a whole paragraph while I’m wandering round the extensive grounds of Beardsley Towers (as seen in the picture, purchased from the proceeds of my world best seller Sir Gadabout Goes Barking Mad). Trouble is, I then have to keep repeating whatever it is I’ve thought of like a mantra till I can get home and write it down. For someone with a memory like a goldfish, I’ve got pretty good at it.

I suppose saying “till I get home ” has given the game away. The picture was actually taken on the local park, and I bought a Twix and a pint of Adnams Broadside on the proceeds of the book. Not both at the same time, though. No point in going crazy.


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