I spent the whole of yesterday and part of today trying to get my computer back in order after it became infected by a virus, trojan or whatever it was called.  I have no idea where it came from and my firewall and anti-virus software was running at the time.

It is very convincing – so beware.  An authentic looking “Windows Recovery” screen pops upwhich tells you that the Windows Recovery system has found some viruses on your system. DON’T CLICK TO GIVE IT PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING! It makes your computer start flashing all sorts of dire warnings – but they are all fake.

Mu suspicions were raised (one of the benefits of being paranoid is the occasionally you are right and they are out to get you) so I googled it and discovered that it was a virus.  Many websites advertised free virus checkers which could cure it – the trick with most of them was the virus check was free and they all identified it correctly, but what they don’t tell you till the end of the scan is that the removal of the virus isn’t free!

But I eventually found a solution here, using Malwarebytes which genuinely is free:

But my troubles still weren’t over. At first sight, all my files and folders had vanished – including hundreds of pictures and songs.  Thankfully, they hadn’t – the virus had just changed them to hidden files and it’s easy to reveal hidden by going through Control Panel and then unhiding them by right-clicking and going to Properties.

But I was still stuck with a black destop and whenever I selected a picture in the usual way it didn’t work.

After more research I found:

I ran Combofix and now I can set my own destop pictures again!


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