The 2011 Census return has come in the post and I have been filling it in.  I’m one who normally bridles against being asked for personal information, and often deliberately make up names and dates of birth when websites ask me to register for no apparent reason, just to spite them.  (I can now reveal that I am not really Newton Boodle, born in Des Moines in 1901).

But because I spent so many years tracing my family tree I realise the value of the Census.  The old ones are fascinating, intriguing documents and give you a tantalising insight into a family’s life centuries ago – probably only wills and personal letters can match the Census in that way. I love the idea that in a hundred years time someone might be studying the 2011 one to try to find out stuff about me and my family.  Maybe they will still even be able to see this blog too!


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