Just read Wyatt Earp by that well-known anagram Casey Tefertiller.  Highly recommended – one of those rare books that you miss once you’ve finished it.

I was brought up on cowboys and Indians so I’ve always had an interest in the Wild West. Wyatt was originally portrayed as a hero, then came the cynical, revisionist period when he was a corrupt villain.  This well-researched book shows that he was a brave and honourable man who despite being a lawman in the west when it really was wild, rarely resorted to his gun. (Except he did hit people with it quite a lot – but only when they deserved it.)  He mostly diffused situations with words rather than bullets.  The shoot-out at the OK Coral (which actually took place outside the OK Coral) was Wyatt and his brothers standing up to what amounted to a rustler’s mafia when no one else dared to, the members of which had threatened to kill the Earps for standing in their way.

I enjoyed it so much I’m going to get hold of Doc Holliday by Gary L Roberts ASAP.

(This was the first book I read on my new Amazon Kindle, and I really like using it!)


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